Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society


Azul, fellow friends of malted barley and/or speculative arts, and welcome to the TSF&WS home page!

Current members include Ián Anglatzarâ, Quedéir Castiglhâ, Xhéralt Conâ, Uglhán Crúceateul, Art Verbotten, Tomás Gariçéir, Tamorán dal Navâ, Gjermund Higraff, Albrec'ht Stolfi, Grigôriu Taváléir, Miestrâ Schivâ, Gödafrďeu Válcadac'h, Ron, and T. Cartéir Adrár, but applications from others are most welcome.

The Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society is open to all Talossan, ex-Talossan and prospective Talossan science fiction and/or whisky enthusiasts. Members will receive the electronic newsletter "Spaceships and Distilleries" at irregular intervals, chock-full of science fiction tastings and whisky reviews. The editorial staff welcomes all contributions. The second issue was mailed sometime last century. A new one might appear before the present decade is over.

The current patron saints of the Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society are 18 y.o. Glenlivet and UK author Graham Joyce. Doubtless this will change as the TSF&WS High Priest gets up on a wholly unprecedented side any morning now. Previous patron saints include UK authors Christopher Priest, Michael Moorcock, and Mervyn Peake, US author Connie Willis, and Scots author Iain Banks.

Are you interested in joining the High Church of the Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society? Please send your application to me at once. All delays will be punished with a mandatory 2 year séjour in the place where brimstone burns and everyone drinks cheap Canadian whisky. You may also have to endure a good malt on bad rocks. If you are good on the other hand, you'll get your dram in a rocket! Whoa!