Fandom i Grekland - den finns!

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Fandom i Grekland - den finns!

Inläggav Sheriffen » mån 12 aug 2013, 10:58

Den här rapporten originalpublicerades i Wolf von Wittings engelskspråkiga fanzine Counterclock 15, som utkom i torsdags (130808). Ni hittar fanzinet här och där får ni titta om ni även vill se fotona:

Och här är rapporten om den omtumlande och inte så lite häpnadsväckande upptäckten:


by Anders Sheriffen

Would a fannish mantra be called a fantra? In any case, it has, through the decades, been a fannish mantra that there is no fandom in Greece. Most of the people repeating this fantra have been me, since I am half Greek and live in Athens in Greece and have never seen even the slightest trace of any kind of fandom here, in spite of not looking very hard.

So, whenever asked, I've simply stated the obvious: there is no fandom in Greece, there never was one, and there will probably never be one.

By Ghod, was I wrong. (And I share at least some of the blame, but not much of it, with those repeating my fantra.)

On the 26th of July, 2013, I got the following message from my good friend Nikolétta "Nikko" Voútsa on Skype:

"I'm going to see my cousins tomorrow at noon for a cup of coffee on Solonos Street 101. They are members of the Greek association of science fiction literature, holding meetings each Saturday at a café that is situated there. Do you want to tag along?"

I stared at this message, replied that it sounded like fun and yes, of course I wanted to tag along! Then I immediately contacted my good friend Wolf von Witting, known to one and all in European fandom, and informed him of what had happened, asking if he could help me spread the news. There *is* a science fiction association in Greece! Ghoodness!

When I showed up Nikko had just arrived, but her cousin Stamátis - it turned out that one of them, not both, showed up this Saturday - was not there yet. Ten others were, however. Since Nikko didn't know them either, there were introductions all around and then the meeting, that had already been going on for about an hour, progressed in high spirits.

I talked at length with two members of the association, Aléxandros and Antónia. I will do this the easy way, now, by listing a few of the rather astonishing things I got to know:

* A. L. E. F., the Science Fiction Association of Athens, founded in 1996, has 120 members, 50 to 60 of them active. Informal meetings are held every Saturday in the café Enastron on Solonos Street 101 in central Athens, from noon and onwards. There is a bookshop in the café, stocking quite a lot of science fiction literature. More formal meetings, featuring short story readings, screenings of sci fi films, talks, and so forth, are held every second Sunday, but not in the café. One can check the web site for further information.


* A.L.E.F. publishes an impressive, quarterly magazine, Fantastika Chronika, containing factual articles, short stories, fannish convention reports, news, and reviews. And more. See picture.

* The 6th science fiction convention in Syros, an island in the Greek archipelago, was a great success when held last year, with a programme of film screenings, talks, readings, a writer's workshop, and so forth. What struck me is that it also featured fannish programming, with a Greek slant - using Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics as their model, the members of the convention were asked, in view of the current crisis in Greece, to write Three Laws for Politicans, detailing the way they should be allowed to behave - if at all. I heard some of the entries and they had me in stitches!

* This year also saw the 8th incarnation of the Greek Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival - SFF - in Athens, running from the 10th to the 17th of April. Just seeing a programme booklet from the event impresses me and of the shorts screened at this yearly festival, A.L.E.F. releases a selection on DVDs. (And I have to add that of last year's full-length feature films, the big draw was, not surprisingly, the restored version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis.)

Link: ... ens_14660/

* And by the way, they do publish science fiction in Greece. See picture for two recently published science fiction anthologies, all the contributors being Greek authors (and some of them active fans - among them Stamátis, mentioned above).

* Greek fandom is on Facebook. Get in touch with them - remember, most Greeks speak English:

(Should the link not work, just use Facebook's search engine. Punch in: ALEF list. Then click on the result with Greek letters in it.)

There is a lively, very active sf/fantasy/horror-fandom in Greece. Being half Greek and living in Athens, I find this to be good news indeed.

I hope you do, too.
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