Är vi ensamma?

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Är vi ensamma?

Inläggav jophan » fre 02 dec 2011, 12:09

Jag läser annorstädes om en ny uppsats om Fermiparadoxen och Karls Schroeders kommentarer till den. Hinner inte läsa igenom dem nu, men det verkar väldigt intressant.

The mystery deepens almost by the day, because we've now identified 700 extrasolar planets and the count is increasing rapidly. We should shortly be racking up lists of Earthlike worlds, and we're closing in on good estimates of how many there must be in our galaxy. And the number is in the billions. So one central argument against the existence of alien life--the 'rare Earth' argument that environments to host it must be rare--has been more or less disproven. And that, just this year.

As possible explanations dwindle, we are being drawn inexorably toward the one explanation that is no explanation: that we really are alone. Why should this be? As Wiley shows, all it would take would be one alien species with our capabilities appearing, sometime in the past couple of billion years, and for that species to surpass where we are now technologically by, oh, say, a couple of hundred years... and the evidence for their existence should be present right here in our own solar system. It's an astonishing conclusion.
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Re: Är vi ensamma?

Inläggav centerwall » tis 06 dec 2011, 10:23

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