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How to register a forum account

InläggPostat: tor 15 feb 2007, 09:46
av jophan
Note! I have blocked email addresses from the following top domains, to reduce spam: .info, .ru, .biz, .ua, .il, .de, .pl, .cn, .in, .pl, .ee, .ws, .tv. Addresses ending in a number in front of are also blocked. If your address ends in one of these, please write to spamcontrol at anglemark dot se and I'll take care of it.

1. Click Bli medlem on the top menu row.

2. On the license screen, click the next-to-last sentence Jag godkänner detta avtal

3. Fill out the basic details:

Användarnamn = username (3-20 characters)
E-postadress = email
Bekräfta e-postadress = Confirm email
Lösenord = password (6-20 characters)
Bekräfta lösenord = confirm password
Språk = language

and the captcha. Then click Skicka.