The Light of the Beast

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The Light of the Beast

Inläggav SoulWarrior » fre 01 maj 2015, 15:36


Samson Reynolds is the head of a working unit in a futuristic refinery. It's a place of dreamless sleep, sudden awakenings and the hum of cooling devices. A man confronting harsh working conditions, giving orders, taking care of work as usual.

But something strange is going on...

"The Light of the Beast" is the author's metaphor of hell: A place of suicide workers, angels and demons taking their shape in a material context. It's a hellish march against the nature of reality: Supernatural occurrences, suppressed memories and Alien wolfs lusting for blood.

Somewhere in the past lies the key to the future: An adventure beyond time and space, giving birth to a dialogue between desperate searchers, going deeper, uncovering the past, changing perspectives and doing battle against the Dark Lord himself.

Is there a way out of hell?

You can download the novella as a PDF from here:

Read and enjoy!
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