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Alien Forever

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It is the ending of World War 3 and the birth of a new time. A time devoid of war and struggle and the birth of a new time. Speaking of love, peace and understanding. But a multi-national corporate leader called Tengram Williams is finding great problems with the current doctrine. Hinting at an opposite view of human nature: Of ego, hate and darkness. Transcending the scientific theories of the day.

The question arises about the problem of good and evil.

What is the truth of them?

Alien Forever is the end result of a long journey into the depths of the subconscious. Conducted by the author on journey to far off lands. Including the countries of Cambodia, Germany and South Africa. A journey taking him into close encounters and several travails. An awakening of sexuality, ego, hate and darkness. A downward spiral into the chosen worlds of illusions building on the findings of occult science.

Recreating reality to a dark and haunted place.

Alien Forever is the story of teenage gothic Marillion Sinclair. A lone investigator of the dark domains of the subconscious: Unveiling a strange story of love, freedom and redemption. Finding shelter in the blackness of inner space. Transcending space and time.

Investigating the purity of the enlightened soul.

Will she endure?

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