Bring cash

We have had problems with our card readers, and therefore we recommend everyone to bring cash. Working on fixing the problem.

Sign up for the costume competition!

_MG_1302traingirl-2Airship pirate, adventurer, or a spy disguised as a fireman on a locomotive? If you have put some extra effort into your steampunk outfit you might show it off in our costume show. As a member of the Steampunkfestival you can also sign up for the costume competition, for a chance to win fabulous, steaming prizes!

The show will take place on Saturday June 28 as well as Sunday June 29. In direct connection with the Saturday costume show our competition will take place. The participants will wear a number, and show their outfit on stage and off stage. Visitors to the museum, who are not members of the festival, will also get the opportunity to vote and decide who will win in different categories of steampunk fashion.

If you would like to participate in the show or the competition — or both — please sign up by sending an email to

The Magnificient Seven

Things you need to organize a steampunkbal: Steampunk food, Steampunk costumes, and Steampunk music! In this context, we would like to point out that no other than The agnificient Seven will be playing on our ball! An impression of their talent can you get here. And tickets for the steampunkball can be found on our ball side, of course. ^^


Magnificient Seven

New guest: Karin Tidbeck

KarinTidbeck_Ubåd_Farve_05302013_30-220x300 We proudly present our seventh guest: Karin Tidbeck. Karin has published prose and poetry since 2002 and has had great success with her 2012 novel Amatka. Her short story collection Jagannath won the Crawford Memorial Award the year after. Furthermore, she works as a creative writing teacher, maniscript coach, and translator. Welcome!

What I learned from teaching steampunk

Not everyone has taught steampunk at college level. Nowadays I’m one of the few who can actually say that I have this experience.

jag-forelaser-feb-2014I spent one week in Karlsham, at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, lecturing and leading discussion classes for a course in game design. The course has a different theme every year, and this year the theme was steampunk.

We had many interesting conversations during this week, and I learned a lot myself. There were especially two aspects of steampunk that I saw with new eyes after talking with the students.

One was multicultural or global steampunk: to start from another point than Victorian London as the foundation for your steampunk vision. This topic led to discussions about the way we tend to place ourselves at the centre of the world, but also about cultural appropriation and how to respectfully approach the cultural heritage of others.

The other was centered around technology and power. Some come to steampunk through a kind of longing for the visible and impressive technology, perhaps even technology that you can understand by looking at it. The whole maker-aspect — people who build and construct things — is centered around taking control of your own physical belongings and surroundings. There are ideals like having personal and durable tools and objects, as a contrast to the mass produced and impersonal. On another level this is about having a relationship to your own technology, and we also got talking about things like controlling your own computer and data.

Many of the questions and themes that we touched on during this week will be considered when we make the programme for the Steampunkfestival. This will be a fun weekend mixing the high and the low, the deep and the superficial, the challenging and the entertaining. It’s my hope that we will all discover new aspects of what steampunk is and what it can be.

The market is fully booked

Now even the last table is booked! Books, jewellery, gas masks, and a proper barber are only some of the things that await you at our market on Saturday (June, 28th) and Sunday (June, 29th). Curious? You can find a complete list of participants here.


The best-kept secret in the world…

Top Secret II It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the programme of a convention is 1) the one thing everybody’s waiting for, and 2) the last thing that gets done. And since it’s still almost three months to go until the festival starts, our list of discussions, speeches, and workshops is far from being complete. But Daniel,  who is responsible for the programme, is working meticulously on it day and night, and now he has allowed us to take a peep over his shoulder on what’s awaiting us in June.

Be prepared for three days of steampunkpunk, science fiction and fantasy. You can find more information here. If you have ideas on the programme you want to share with us, you can reach Daniel at program[at]

More information about the steampunkball

Ball at the Göteborgs börshus November 4,  1862. Image from the collections of the Swedish Railway Museum (click on the picture for information in Swedish).

Ball at the Göteborgs börshus November 4, 1862. Image from the collections of the Swedish Railway Museum (click on the picture for information in Swedish).

We have added some information about how to buy tickes for the steampunkball, and furthermore updated the whole ball-page. Maybe you feel like taking a look here?